Sneak Peak: Questioning the Bomb, Fall 2015

As the 70 anniversary of the dropping of atomic bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki draws near, University of Maryland Professor of Art Jim Thorpe finalizes his organizational and curatorial work on the 2015 exhibition, Questioning the Bomb. Opening this fall in The Art Gallery at the University of Maryland, the exhibition engages various historical and contemporary issues surrounding war and the proliferation of nuclear weapons. 

For the exhibition, Thorpe has enlisted a group of diverse International Poster Designers, including London-based Pentagram designer Harry Pearce. Pearce's work for the exhibition was the recent subject of a Creativity Online post: 

Pearce's visually stunning work is startling in that the artist used his own blood to create it. Titled It's all Our Blood, Pearce states that (he)”felt compelled to use my own blood dropped into water, coupled with the line, 'It's all our blood' in answer to the exhibition's title 'Questioning the bomb.'" Pearce continues that “the title comes from my belief that what we do to others we are really doing to ourselves, and Damocles' Sword still hangs firmly over all our heads."

For more information on Harry Pearce and a closer work at the creation of the work for the upcoming exhibition here at TAG, see the artist's website: